A Swift app to manage digital clocks

Latest Release: 2.1.122


About Cløck

Cløck is a Swift application that can be used to manage digital clocks based on the Electric Imp Platform. As such it is primarily intended to work with my impClock project, which is based on the Electric Imp IoT platform.

It provides a means to control one or more impClocks, with handy buttons, pickers, sliders and other controls for all of the device’s key features.

Clock time settings
Clock display settings

In addition, Cløck allows you to manage multiple impClocks: add them to the app as you acquire or build them, and then select any one to access its settings through the Time and Display settings, as shown above. To add an impClock, you will need its Agent ID which you can get using the Electric Imp app at BlinkUp™, or via the impCentral™ web UI.

Add a Clock to the app
View the list of added Clocks

Source Code

You can view Cløck’s source code at GitHub.

Release Notes

  • 2.1.122
    • Update project for Xcode 11 and iOS 12.
  • 2.0.121
    • Revised UI and imp-app communication protocol.
  • 1.0.50
    • Initial release.

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